Colour Pastes

New-Coat A/S produces colour pastes for use in the glass-fibre industry for colouring laminates and casting compounds, as well as for colouring PVC, polyurethane, epoxy and acrylies.



More than 100 different organic and inorganic pigments are used, thus ensuring that all shades can be matched. The use of pearl mills guarantees optimal dispersion of the sizes down to 10 micron or even smaller.

New-Coat A/S develops and produces colour paste for all types of composite & synthetic material.

Polyester Pastes

Colour pastes for polyester contain styrene and are available in all RAL colours. Their colour can also be matched according to the customer’s specifications in just a few days. Polyester colour paste containing styrene can be used for colouring polyester for laminates or casting compounds for hand wash of ISO/NPG quality. By mixing colour paste in a neutral base, one can colour the gelcoat /topcoat on one’s own. Polyester paste containing styrene can be produced and delivered within just a few days. Small quantities too.

Colour Pastes for other synthetic material

New-Coat produces colour paste for colouring flexible PVC, polyurethane, epoxy and acrylics by the use of environmentally friendly carrier without phthalate or a paste-carrier selected by the customer, specially customised according to the customer’s mixture specifications. This way it is possible to ensure optimal user-friendliness while retaining the mechanical properties of the products.

Styrene-free Polyester Pastes

Colour paste based on styrene-free polyester with considerably longer lasting as per your request.

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