Gelcoats & Topcoats

New-Coat A/S produces gelcoats and topcoats according to its own polyester-based recipes from carefully selected suppliers.


We offer production of endless types of gelcoats and topcoats that offer exactly the properties individual products or productions require.

Our independence of suppliers guarantees that our customers will get the best possible price/quality ratio.


Our independence of suppliers guarantees that our customers will get the best possible price/quality ratio.


New-Coat`s standard gelcoat/topcoat characterised by fast and secure adhesion, excellent mechanical properties and excellent hiding power is used in industrial products. This gelcoat/topcoat is financially viable and has been proving its good durability for decades – in outdoor applications as well.


Sailboats, motor boats, trailers and caravans are produced using New-Coat’s MARINE gelcoat that offers yearlong durability which cannot be swayed by the constant effect of water, light and weather.


ISO or ISO/NPG-based gelcoats/topcoats are used for silos, tanks and other chemical containers that require high thermal and chemical resistance.

APEX MARINA Superior Gelcoat

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Sanitary Gelcoat

Hand wash and other sanitary products require a porosity-free gelcoat with the capacity to resist temperatures above 100 C. The perfect choice in such applications is New-Coat’s ISO/NPG gelcoat that can be delivered coloured or fully transparent.

General Information

New-Coat gelcoats and topcoats are available in all colours of the RAL chart or can be matched according to the customer’s sample within just a few days. Viscosity, hardening time, gel time and other technical properties are customised according to the product and production method at hand, including, especially, the desired application method and work routine. Gelcoats and topcoats are produced and delivered within just a few days. Small quantities too. This way we can guarantee that customers will always use freshly produced coats with minimal storage.

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