Polyester & Vinylester Adhesives

Since its foundation, New-Coat’s core product has been adhesives for assembling polyester- or vinylester-based glass-fiber products.


With its flexibility and an almost endless range of adhesives, New-Coat has a dominating role on the market.

In close collaboration with global suppliers and customers, New-Coat has developed polyester and vinylester adhesives with mechanical properties and applications that can satisfy any requirements concerning gluing, laminating or attaching glass-fibre products.


New-Coat A/S develops and produces adhesives for jointing glass-fiber products.

Flexible Polyester Adhesives

Flexible polyester-based adhesives showing low shrinkage but high strength and excellent adhesion are used in industrial products as well as in the production of boats, caravans, trailers, etc.

Adhesives are produced with gel time and viscosity in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Adhesives can be coloured in an optional RAL colour or can be delivered with colour change. Polyester adhesives are often enhanced with glass-fibre strands, so that adhesives and laminate match well together.

Lightweight Adhesives

Lightweight adhesives are polyester-based adhesives with a density of typically 0.65 kg/l. They are used primarily in sandwich constructions where the lightweight adhesives glue laminate to PVC foam, PUR foam or balsawood to achieve a lightweight and strong construction. Judging from experience, lightweight adhesives with high flexibility, low exothermic properties, excellent adhesion, gel time and viscosity are thoroughly customize to match the specific product and production processes.

Spackling pastes

Unevenness in glass-fibre products are levelled out with the help of spackling paste which can be sand smoothed afterwards. For these tasks New-Coat delivers different spackling pastes with low or standard density, optimal adhesion properties and excellent grinding characteristics. Coloured as per your request.

Vinylester Adhesives

Vinylester adhesives are recommended for vinylester- or epoxy-based glass-fibre constructions, or when extremely strong adhesion is required. New-Coat delivers flexible vinylester-based adhesives with very high mechanical properties and good adhesion to polyester, vinylester and epoxy. The glues can be used in pumps and are delivered to systems with different hardening – where applicable with colour change. New-Coat vinylester adhesives have proven their strength by gluing together thousands of wind turbine blades.

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